3 Seasons, Whimsical Finds

Over the past year or so the communities along the St. Lawrence River have seen an entrepreneurial resurgence. The Ogdensburg area is no exception.

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive fashion show just outside of Ogdensburg, at a new boutique called 3 Seasons, Whimsical Finds; and I am excited to share what owner, Meri Bennett Briggs, has to offer our community! After all, how could I not love a place that has the word “whimsical” in its name? That was my inspirational catch-word for starting this blog to begin with.

The 3 Seasons, Whimsical Finds shopping experience begins long before you enter the masterfully repurposed stable behind her home.  Customers are welcomed with a perfectly manacured lawn which could be more acurrately described as a botanical garden.  Birds are singing and butterflies are flittering over the water elements.  It truly is enchanting and whimsical!  There is close, ample parking, and no need to worry if you have trouble with walking.  On the way to the front door, you can’t miss that Meri Briggs has cleverly transformed a chicken roost into a community herb garden!


Upon entering you will see a variety of clothing and accessory choices for women of any age and size, and almost everything is made in the USA!  She has brought clothing styles to our local area that have classical elegance and never go out of style.  My first thought was that this was going to be expensive.  Much to my amazement, the prices were very reasonable!  And folks, these are not cookie cutter clothes.  They are unique from anything ever offered in the Ogdensburg area.  For example, Meri goes out of her way to find items with pockets, a fashion element that is hard to come by in women’s clothing.  And for that reason alone, I personally thank her!



We are committed to bringing you the things you most desire.  – Meri Briggs, Proprieter

In addition to women’s (and did I forget to mention children’s?) apparel, Meri Briggs has personally selected several local artisans who share her vision to round out the shopping experience for people looking for the perfect gifts, exquisite home decor, seasonal items and much more.

For more information on 3 Seasons, Whimsical Finds, including directions, store hours, sales, upcoming events and contact information click on the icon below:


Everything about this place says “come on in and have the most enjoyable and relaxing shopping experience of your life!”

Oh, and about the fashion show?  It was amazing!  I will definitely be shopping here in the future!



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