A New Focus!

During the past year, I’ve come to realize that social distancing is definitely my superpower! While some people suffered serious mental isolation issues, I relished my new found privacy. The covid year-gap gave me an opportunity to catch up on all the things I love to do – reading, assembling jigsaw puzzles, binge watching TV shows, shoveling snow, taking long walks, drinking wine, stalking people on Facebook, gabbing with my sister on the phone – yes, basically old lady stuff!

In spite of spending all my time at home, I was able to grow in ways I never thought possible. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s. And believe me; even though I knew it was coming, I was still completely stunned.

🌹Serena Rose LaBarbera Cross, 1929-2020🌹

But I learned a valuable lesson while taking care of my mother and watching her mental and physical decline…

Live For Today!

Eventually, when covid hit our community we all locked down for several months. I learned who is important to me and in my corner. I continued my life-long pursuit of living a stress free healthy lifestyle. And with that knowledge, I renewed my focus on the positive influences surrounding me. Now it’s time to share some of the aspects of health, peace and serenity that I have found to work.

Start With the Basics

Everything our healthy elders have preached is true! So here’s where to begin:

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat lots of vegetables
  • Drink lots of water
  • Take walks in nature
  • Sit quietly and meditate or pray
  • Learn something new

It’s sounds easy, right? Well, so did washing our hands and wearing a mask, but lots of people in our community never quite got on board with these simple ways to stay healthy during the pandemic.

I ordered from misfit vegetables and stayed away from the grocery store!

Future Posts

I will be reviewing a variety of relaxation techniques to combat the ongoing onslaught of daily stressors.

Feel free to reblog anything I post. I welcome all comments and discussion.


    • Misfit was hit or miss. Sometimes stuff arrived frozen because it was so cold in the winter. But it was easier than going to the store for veggies!

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