2016: The Year in Review

This past year marked the first full year My husband and I were both fully retired.  Mid-winter we spontaneously decided to take an extended road trip, which led us to a warmer climate.  In a matter of hours, we went from goose-feather down coats to shorts and t-shirts!

We reunited with old friends and neighbors, and felt the warmth of the sun on our faces accompanied by a fresh ocean breeze.  We also learned that we could take our miniature schnauzer, Heidi, just about anywhere!

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Feeling completely rejeuvenated upon our return, we were blessed to experience our second spring!  We spent many sunsets overlooking the St Lawrence River and the idyllic Canadian countryside from our front deck. It was here we made plans for our summer guests while enjoying Mother Nature in all her springtime glory -and maybe a wee bit of wine!

As the summer rolled in we were thrilled to share our abode with our summer guests.  We have always touted our home on the St. Lawrence River as the “vacation destination,” and this year did not disappoint. Trips to local attractions in Clayton, Alexandria Bay, Brockville, Merrickville and Ottawa were capped off with Steve’s gourmet meals served riverside!

Our Autumnal Harvest Celebrations were so enjoyable that we did not even notice the gradual dwindling of daylight hours. As with most Americans, I spent way too many hours fixated on the news channels watching one of the most historically divisive presidential elections unfold right before my eyes.  I learned the hard way that Facebook is not the place to openly display your political and religious affiliations!   What started out as political satire degressed quickly.

Thankfully, I was quickly saved by my loving family, and some inspiration from a very unexpected source.  The love I feel is amazing!  I am forever grateful to have you all in my life.


I end the year on two very positive notes:

1. Things always work out the way they were always meant to.

2.  Even the smallest gesture of good tidings, may be accepted as something so much larger than any of us.


I hope you enjoyed my year in review.  I will be back to posting monthly installments starting in January 2017.🌿

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