Last Days of Summer

imageAs summer draws to an end along the St Lawrence Seaway Valley, daylight hours have started to dwindle.  Crisp, cool mornings gently fade into warm and sunny days by high noon.  These are the best days to enjoy the walking path on the grounds of the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority Complex.

Signs of autumn are already beginning to appear.  With my miniature schnauzer, Heidi, in tow;  there is always something new and interesting to be seen.  The Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge to Canada provides a stunning visual feast and reminder that we live on the longest international border in the world!

The meandering walking path is welcoming and comfortable. It is easy to get into a daily routine and the walk can be easily tailored in distance to meet any avid walker or runner’s exercise regime.

This is also the time of year we celebrate autumn-inspired harvest meals with family and friends.  At each gathering, toasts are made in honor of the cooks and gardeners.  Fresh vegetable side dishes are enjoyed, many times accompanied by an occasional anecdote or two of previous summer harvest gatherings.

As summer morphs into autumn, we enjoy every day to its fullest.  Soon the leaves will be falling and the seasonal waterfowl will start to become scarce.  But for the next few weeks, we will take in the most magnificent sunsets and bask in the last days of summer on the Seaway.




As always, thank you to Steve Krauz for providing the photos!










  1. Well done as usual Barb, just wish he pics could be larger……even when I click on them they come up the same size….just saying.

    Neighbor Jim

  2. Well done as usual Barb…..still wish the pics could be bigger….when I click on them (hoping to see an enlarged one) they come up the same size…..just saying.

    Neighbor Jim

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