Maple City Trail

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying Mother Nature in all her glory on the Maple City Trail in Ogdensburg, NY.


The trail originates in Ogdensburg where the Oswegatchie River meets the mighty St. Lawrence River. It meanders along the shore of the Oswegatchie for approximately 2.2 miles and loops back to the city.

Along the way one might see an array of wildlife; including an abundance of waterfowl, such as heron, osprey, and our national bird, the bald eagle.



Additionally, summer’s palette is in full bloom, creating a stunning visual backdrop with a spicy floral fragrance.  Add to it the  chirp of hundreds of song birds, chip monks and cicadas; and you have the perfect morning for a nature walk!

The Maple City Trail is a great place to take your dog for a walk and get out in nature.  The best time to go is in the morning, before the summer heat kicks in.  Also, be sure to hydrate well before walking, and bring additional water for the journey.

For more information on the Maple City Trail and the Oswegatchie River:

Maple City Trail

Oswegatchie River

Thank you, Steve Krauz, for providing the photos of our promenade!



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