Summer always passes by so quickly on the St. Lawrence Seaway.  Every day is a blissful reminder that we must cherish each moment we have on this earth.

Sunrises are cool and crisp. A favorite robe is donned and a steaming hot cup of coffee starts the day with a symphony of song birds resonating from the cedars.

Days are long and warm. There is no better way to cool off than by frolicking in the clear and gentle waves.

The first harvest is upon us. We’ve already sampled our first summer squashes, cherry tomatoes and salad greens. Heidi, our miniature schnauzer, does her best to keep the rabbits away!

Dining al fresco at our favorite restaurants with best friends is a must!

Sunsets are always spectacular. 

Evenings are filled with mosquitos, campfires and the occasional glass of wine.





Ok, maybe more than just an occasional glass of wine…

I sure do love the whimsical days and nights of summer!

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