You Never Know Who is Coming to Visit!

Photographer, Steve Krauz
Steve Krauz, Photographer

Spring is finally in the air!  The snowbirds have returned from wintering over in the south.  Windows are flung open to welcome gentle breezes.  The familiar fragrance of campfires along the St Lawrence River at dusk is intoxicating!  The waters have calmed and winter has been fast forgotten.

Lilacs have started to bloom and herb gardens are set outside during the day to take in the warm rays of sunshine.

Steve Krauz, Photographer
Steve Krauz, Photographer

Every day poses a plethora of new possibilities.  You never know who is coming to visit.  Last May, my husband discovered a vibrant indigo bunting at one of his bird feeders.

Patios are alive with laughter, festive music, and sounds of wine being poured into goblets. Shouts, whistles and arm waves greet our neighbors floating by on the water. The stories of days gone by will be retold. Fond memories are relived and new ones are created with dear friends.

Every weekend is a celebration that ends with an unspoken notion:

to be continued next weekend…

Serena Krauz, Photopgrapher
Serena Krauz, Photopgrapher

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