River Song

Peaceful living on the St. Lawrence River is not just my blog’s tagline, it’s my lifestyle.

Every morning I wake up to an eyeful of mother nature’s palette, rich with grey and blue hues. In addition, I hear her finest symphony of auditory pleasures.

Early morning moon reflection
Steve Krauz

Here’s a poem authored by none other than Damiana Blume, herself! She has spent many years appreciating the peaceful shores of the river. Her captivating tribute to the St. Lawrence River daybreak will easily transport you there, as well.

River Song

The moon slips away, gives way to the dawn.

And the familiar mist rises from her depths.

A white curtain drawn as a solitary loon

sings her ancient song.

And from the distance a haunting reply.

Conversations born on the currents

Of thousands of years reach my ears.

I walk the shore alone.

Water laps a gentle caress on wood and rock,

a cadence to the rumble of the morning train

on the far shore heading to Toronto.

Its long, low whistle reminds me of journeys past.

A bass jumps and breaches like some whale in the sound.

Yet, it knows not of some larger than life beast of the sea.

There’s just the water, the loon, the bass, and me.

– Damiana Blume

And Coffee. There’s Always Coffee

Just moments after I open my eyes, I schlep to the coffee maker and grab a cup of diesel-strength Starbucks Gold Coast blend.

I head out to the deck, which overlooks the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Immediately, all my senses come alive with the sights and sounds of our majestic river.

If I’m Lucky

Sometimes, there’s a foggy mist that engulfs the area.

This adds to the allure and enhances the dreamy undertones of the river. If I’m lucky, there’s a foghorn from a passing ship.

Although the foghorn is loud, I find it oddly comforting.

I will never stop being in awe of the tranquility the river brings to me. Some have told me I live a charmed life, and I cannot disagree. I thank Damiana Blume for sharing her eloquent ode to the St. Lawrence River.

I think I see one of those singing loons Damiana spoke of

Thank you for reading – Barb, the River Blogger (Btrb)

Feel free to reblog anything I post. I welcome all comments and discussion.

Early morning


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with its photos and the poem by Damiana Blume. I felt that I was there with the river. Have a wonderful day My Friend.

  2. Love your way of life on the beautiful St. Lawrence River! We will rent on the river for one week this summer and hope to have good weather! Take care Barb! Janet

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