Watching the River Run

“If you’ve been thinking you’re all that you’ve got,

Then don’t feel alone anymore.

When we’re together, then you’ve got alot,

‘Cause I am the river and you are the shore.”

Jim Messina/Kenny Loggins

There are many songs written about rivers, and my favorite is Watching the River Run by Loggins and Messina. It was released in 1974 as the second single from their third album entitled Full Sail.

This song is a great metaphor for so many aspects of living a happy, peaceful, yet dynamic life. It pretty much embodies the deep sense of gratitude I feel each day when I wake up, here on the shoreline of the St. Lawrence River.

Just another day in paradise!

In my home, it’s hard to miss a front seat view of this majestic seaway, which starts on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, flowing downstream for approximately 744 miles into the world’s largest estuary, the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It’s an impressive waterway, for sure, but my little piece of paradise is all I need to feel a strong sense of peace and calm.

It’s April. It’s raining. But that is okay. This is both expected and good! It means we will soon have luscious green grass, accompanied by tiny green leaves on all our trees!

Summer River Bucket List

I’ve been thinking about embarking on a St. Lawrence River cruise for many years now. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic squashed those dreams, and my daughter will no longer be living close enough to watch our miniature schnauzer, Loki.

What? Take me with you!

Now that the Canadian border has reopened, I have a new idea. We will scoop up the pooch and head over to Kingston, ON.

The goal is to spend a couple of days in Kingston, ON. If that works out, we’ll try Montreal next. Of course this will have to be planned well in advance, because we will need to find dog-friendly lodging and restaurants with outdoor dining.

Spending a weekend in Kingston will be a good start to getting back over to Canada. It’s a place I’ve visited before and I’m totally on board with outdoor dining at Chez Piggy and a stroll around the city’s waterfront. You’ve never heard of Chez Piggy? Take a look here and try not to salivate:

Click on the logo above

I’m giving Canada a couple of months to get their border cities ready to host us crazy people from across the river. For now, I am happy just sitting on my front deck and ‘watching the river run.’

Upward bound. She’s a beauty!

Thank you for reading. – Barb, the River Blogger (Btrb)

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From Deanna Sabido For Enjoyment – Copyright Infringement Not Intended Copyright 1973 CBS Inc., Manufactured by Columbia Records


  1. Love Chez Piggy and its sister bakery down the street, Pan Chancho. It was founded by the front man and guitarist Zal Yanovsky of the Lovin’ Spoonful. Remember them? “You and me and rain on the roof…” Sadly he passed away in 2002 of a heart attack. He was just 57 years old. The restaurant opened in 1979. I have not been there in years ( since my move to Europe) but I was never disappointed whenever I had a chance to eat there. Barbara this post brings back many fond memories of exploring Kingston with you and Serena. Thank you!

    • Actually the front man from Lovin Spoonful was John Sebastian and Yanovsky was the lead guitarist. Had them mixed up but I went looking for the song on line just now and found my correction. As for Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, don’t get me started. I had all their recordings in multiple formats: vinyl, cassette, 8 track ( EEK) and CD. I used to be able to sing them and accompany myself on the guitar. Alas no more. But I still bust a move in the shower somedays.

    • Happy memories for Serena and me, too! 🌸 We will be listening to Loggins and Messina later today, with a glass of cab sauv! 🍷

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