Forecasting Fun for Winter

People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.

Anton Chekhov

Some people get down in the dumps when they consider the fast-approaching, long and snowy North Country winters. I used to be that person, but not anymore! In this phase of my life, I look forward to winter with a renewed sense of hope. I look at November as a great time to consider how to keep the upcoming months ahead filled with fun and inspiration. There’s work to be done and holiday parties to plan!

Just around the corner!

This year, I hope to return to some semblance of normalcy, considering all my family and friends have been fully Covid-19 vaccinated. When planning winter events, I like to incorporate traditional celebrations with a few modern twists. So here’s a few ideas I have for keeping it fun while embracing all that Mother Nature throws at us this winter:

Welcoming Back Our Newest Family Tradition

The Winter Krauzstice. It is a play on words of the Winter Solstice, which is my favorite holiday celebration.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused us to cancel last year, but this year the Second Annual Winter Krauzstice is already being planned. And Steve’s hallmark shrimp and charcuterie trees will also make their triumphant return to the banquet table.

More of Krauzstice Past

Fun Activities for the Upcoming Months

I’m not going to let winter blahs get the best of me. I have a couple of new ideas up my sleeve.

Girls Night Wine Tasting Party (AKA Book Club Without the Books!)

I love wine tastings, but just not with the local north country swill! Sadly, this region of New York is not known for its wine.

So, I plan to invite two or three girlfriends to bring a bottle of their favorite wine to share – nothing too expensive or classy. Appetizers will be provided.

People should be able to talk a little about the wine they bring, explaining what they like about it and other details of note.

If this goes over well, I would consider making it a quarterly event with rotating hosting duties.

The expansion opportunities with this type of event are vast. Why limit it to women? Also, themed nights would be fun. I’ve been dying to do something with a roaring twenties theme.

Live Music

Alan Doyle, former lead singer of Great Big Sea is performing at the Clayton Opera House. We’re going to make a night of it while celebrating our anniversary. This style of music isn’t for everyone; but I like a good acoustic sea chanty every now and then, especially if it’s crafted by my favorite Newfoundlander!

She blooms from Thanksgiving to Easter!

Winter weather is not going to slow me down! With a little planning and imagination, there will be plenty of good times ahead! I’m always looking for something new to try, preferably from the comfort of my perch overlooking the St. Lawrence River. So if you have any suggestions (that don’t involve ice skates or skis), hit me up!

Let’s fill this up with fun!

Thank you for reading! – Barb, the River Blogger (Btrb)

Feel free to reblog anything I post. I welcome all comments and discussion


  1. Okay. It is not Steve’s “hallmark” charcuterie and shrimp tree… It is prestigious and phenomenal and it’s fucking amazing and everyone wishes they thought of it. Okay. I said it 😹

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