Winter Activities, Second Installment

Out for a Sunday stroll
Out for a Sunday stroll

It is fun to explore the St. Lawrence River in the winter, especially when it freezes over.  One can be sure it is safe to walk on the frozen river when the air temperature plummets to below zero for several days.  There is something magical and empowering about walking on this majestic waterway, which just happens to be my front yard!  It is important to dress warmly, and never venture out without a buddy.

Coyote crossing the St. Lawrence River
Coyote crossing the river in front of our home

“That’s a wolf!”

We hear this a lot from people who are not from this area.  This is actually a coyote.  Recent studies using DNA analyses clearly show hybridization of the coyote population of this area with that of wolves, most probably in southern Canada where populations of wolves and coyotes adjoin each other. As a result, our coyotes are larger and appear wolf-like.  Even though, I still take take a second look each time to make sure they have the more pointed ears and snout, just to make sure!


Please take the poll below and let me know how you like to spend these cold winter days!

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