Welcome Winter!

Photos by Steve Krauz

Winter has finally arrived on the Mighty Saint Lawrence River!  We celebrated the Yule by burning candles to welcome the return of the Sun.  We exchanged gifts.  We relished in the mild weather.

The last of the geese congregate before making their southern trek

Today, we were also blessed with a special treat on the river.  Ships were lined up in front of our home and my husband was able to shoot some nice photos.

Soon, life on the river will slow down to a standstill of activity.  The waterfowl we enjoy daily will all have flown south, with the exception of a few die hard mallards.  The ship traffic will stop on December 31 and won’t resume until late March.   Winter on the river is a time of inward reflection, and we look forward to the New Year.


Thank you for taking the time to visit.



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