Staying Home for the Holidays on the St. Lawrence River

Steve & Pepper

Over the next several weeks I need to stay at home to take care of one of my beloved miniature schnauzers, who is recovering from surgery, following a knee injury. Over this time, my posts will be more introspective, and the focus will be on the upcoming holidays.

I love the change of seasons, and Autumn is a magical time on the river.   Now that October is nearly gone, the chill in the air will soon signal the November witch of song and prose.  Many of our winged friends are already south bound, soon to be followed by our neighbors who prefer to spend the winters in a warmer climate.  The air is scented with evergreen spice and smoke, promising evenings of hot apple cider and pumpkin pie.  This is the time of the second harvest and the gathering of family and friends around the table to give thanks.

I look forward to sharing my family’s holiday season with you.

– Barb, TheRiverBlogger

Dusk on the St. Lawrence River


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