A Day in Alexandria Bay

Uncle Sam Boat Tour

IMG_6922The best time to take in the sights of Alexandria Bay is in early autumn, after the tourist season, and the kids have returned to school. I try to get a trip on the St. Lawrence River at least once a year, through Uncle Sam Boat Tours.  On this day, I chose the Two Island Nation tour.  Over two hours long, it is entertaining and educational.  I have taken these tours about a dozen times and I learn something new about the region every time.

Riley’s on the River

imageI chose this restaurant for lunch because it was in close proximity to the Uncle Sam Boat Tours.  The food here is what I would call simple elegance.  I ordered a shrimp cocktail appetizer and four collassal shrimp appeared in glass vessels that also contained horseradish sauce with big chunks of lobster meat!  I shared them with my three lunch partners.  Next, the Caesar salad was raised to the next level by searing a whole head of romaine lettuce with the grilled chicken breast.  This was as delicious as it was a work of art with sliced red onion, Parmesan cheese and dressing served on the side.  I have never had such a tasty Caesar salad!

Boutique Shopping

After our delicious lunch, we decided to walk off some of the calories by visiting the local shoppes.  The one that resonated with me was a local mystical shop that held a variety of artisan pieces and hand-crafted jewelry.  You can always find a good bargain in autumn, and this was no exception.

We left Alexandria Bay with fitting souvenirs, full bellies, and happy hearts.  I will definitely be returning next year.

-Barb, TheRiverBlogger

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