“Happiness is the new rich.

Inner peace is the new success.

Health is the new wealth.

Kindness is the new cool.”


🚨 Under the Radar River News 🚨

It might not be news to you, but it is news to me!

Blah, blah, blah…

🚨 Yellow Warbler Rescue 🚨

May 14, 2022: A yellow warbler flew into the kitchen window and knocked himself out. Steve set him up a safe little shoebox rehab unit and after an hour or so he regained his composure and happily flew away.

Loki was worried, too

🆕 Steve’s Garden 🆕

Updated May 17, 2022

Archived video: Winter 2021-2022

Sit back, adjust your volume for the music and enjoy! You might want to grab a cup of coffee. It’s six minutes long.

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