☘️The Meal That Signals Winter’s End☘️

“May your troubles be less, your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.”

Irish blessing

Steve’s corned beef brisket

I am not of Irish heritage, nor is my husband. However, we’ve never been known to shy away from any holiday celebration that involves great food and lots of booze! Side note: pub, restaurant and liquor store owners have repeatedly reported the highest days for sales are around St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s the truth. I really don’t care much about the history, folklore, or political and social controversies surrounding St. Patrick. I do not want to debate the symbolism of the color green, shamrocks or driving out the snakes, and such. What I do know is that we’ve been getting pommeled with one snow storm after another, and we are ready for spring. So we celebrate the end of a long cold winter and welcome the warmer spring days by decorating the house in green and eating corned beef and cabbage!

Setting the Mood

Time to decorate! A few days before the big meal, green stuff starts appearing all over the house.


Of course we will start with wine, but not too much. It won’t mix well with the postprandial Irish coffees. We will also have a cheese tray, nuts and deviled eggs.


Funny thing about corned beef and cabbage -people in Ireland do not typically serve it for their St. Patrick’s Day meal! This is something we do exclusively in the United States.

Side dish of shepherd’s pie

Irish Coffee!

It’s easy to make and it’s delicious. It is the perfect dessert coffee, to finish up a corned beef and cabbage dinner in style.

I had the most soul-warming cup of Irish coffee in Annapolis, MD in 1998 at the Rams Head Tavern. I asked the bar keep how it was made and I’ve never veered from her recipe to this day:

  • 1 and a half shots of Jamesons Irish wisky
  • 2 ounces of dark roast coffee
  • A pinch of brown sugar
  • mix it up with a spoon
  • Top with a generous portion of whipped cream, the thicker the better. Do not use any substitutes. Do not use whipped cream from a can!
  • Also, don’t ruin this recipe with Baileys!
Carrot cake (GF) cupcake

This could be trouble!

Whether it’s just Steve and me or we invite the whole neighborhood, this meal always brings me joy!

So raise a glass and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Thank you for reading! – Barb, the River Blogger (Btrb)

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In his natural habitat


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